Ceramic coatings 

Protect your cars paint with a ceramic coating


There are plenty of choices when it comes to protective coatings for vehicles, most of which are inferior to the products we use at Autology. Of course, manufactures and even some detailers will attempt to blind you with science and fantastic marketing., but the majority will rarely live up to their (mostly self-driven) hype.
"At Autology, we do things right the first time, for you to recieve the full benefits that the best glass, nano, and ceramic coatings offer."
At Autology, we insist on only the very best for our clients. All our coatings and polishes are applied to the vehicle in ideal conditions, and by the best car detailers in the area, so you are assured a high-quality work. 



LONG LASTING Up to 3 years 

keep your car lookingnew for upto 3 years 

car stays cleaner longer

causes debris, liquids, and chemicals to bounce off the exterior more easily instead of damaging it

enhances the look of paintwork

ceramic coating will shine and look glossy, while protecting your cars original paint

Protection against

break fluid



rock chips



water marks

light scratches 

bird droppings