Detailing & polishing

Cleaning and retoring your vehicle for a showroom quality finish



washing with wax, drying the car, washing alloy wheels with rubber protectant 

Washing & drying the car

Use of a unique clay bar to remove any embeded contaminets

Complete internal vacuming or deep cleaning of the vehicles interior

Cleaning of upholstery from synthetic carpets, natural fibres, carbon fiber composites, plastics, and others

Engine cleaning and degreasing

headlight restoring & pilishing

Diamond cut paint restoring followed by high gloss machine polishing

Clean & polish of grills & metal parts

Leather conditioning and leather seats cleaning

washing & de carbonising alloy wheels 

Removing of glass waterspots for cristal clear finish

washing & de carbonising alloy wheels 

Spraying cleaning foam on tyres for a
long-lasting gloss and added rubber protection 

machine polishing & waxing